The work prowls into social political circumstances of past, present, and future standing.

The medium prefers a choice to express the expansive panorama of the human condition.
Forensic aesthetics, language, pictorial states of emotional bridges, realms of fantasy and reality.

Is humanity the only course of action?

Should the language allow for more perceptions of realities?

Should we invite the machine and the spirit to coalesce into a new birth?

The protections of governments. The clashing claims of riots. The possessions of resources that shift meaning of control into expressions of functions to the individual. The Continual push and pull of these parameters convey and evaluates elements that deeply separate and join us.

2022 Bienal de Arte de Ponce
2020 PAAM Museum, USA, Group Show.
2019 Museo de Casa Escute Carolina, PR, Invitational.
2018 Bienal de Arte de Ponce, PR, Group show.
2016 Bienal de Arte de Ponce, PR, Group show.
2015 Caguas Contemporary Art Museum, PR, “To Late For Peace To Make War”, Solo exhibition.
2014 Caguas Contemporary Art Museum, “Edtado De Experiencia Fragmentada”, Invitational.
2014 Bienal de Arte de Ponce, PR, Group show.
2013 Gallery Viejo Sanjuan, “Reinventing the the Portraiture” Invitational.
2012 Bienal de Arte de Ponce, PR, group show.
2008 Contemporary Art Museum Santo Domingo, “Diaspora”, Invitational.
1996 Gallery 400, “The Collective”, Chicago, Group show.